At Umansky Subaru of Charlottesville, we have a large selection of used Subaru vehicles. We're proud to include them in our lineup, as Subaru models have proven themselves time and time again to be durable, long-lasting, and incredibly dependable. From their sedans to their compact SUVs, Subaru vehicles consistently place in the top tiers of the most-sold models and most well-regarded vehicles overall. That's why we wanted to offer our customers this brief write-up on our used Subaru models and the unique benefits that they offer.

Subaru SUVs

Besides being known for their versatility, Subaru SUVs also hold a special place in many auto-lovers hearts as being machines that just won't quit. Vehicles like the Subaru Crosstrek offer affordable hybrid technology, which translates into a more advanced fuel economy and a higher lifespan than other SUVs. Compact Subaru SUVs offer more cargo space than sedans while retaining high drivability and the capability of handling extreme weather and rugged road surfaces. Being able to be driven in a series of environments is a big plus to us, which is why we love showing off our collection of used Subaru SUVs as much as we do.

Subaru Sedans

Subaru sedans tend to rise above the competition when it comes to their lifespan as well. Subaru engineering generally means longer-lasting powertrains that stay responsive and smooth over the years. High gas mileage and more power than you'll typically need are some other advantages of owning a Subaru sedan, as they can take you further than many models in their class. The efficiency and usability of vehicles like the Subaru Legacy place these models in the highest tier of sedans for many individuals and families looking for a car that will last for some time.

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