Without a doubt, you Subaru Outback may be the most fun SUV or wagon on the streets of Earlysville. Its iconic BOXER engine and all-wheel drive, as well as a complete host of other performance-enhancing features, make it possible to explore any aspect of Crozet or Ruckersville your imagination dares to travel. It also comes loaded with a ton of standard and available infotainment features to help you enjoy the ride even more. But how often do you think about your safety or the safety of your family on your trips across Charlottesville? Hopefully, not very often. That is the goal of the new Subaru Outback.

When you discover the 2021 Subaru Outback at Umansky Subaru of Charlottesville, you will find it comes with the kind of safety technology you need to protect you on the roads. The Outback is upping-the-ante for the new year, with the addition of some new features engineered to keep you safe. These features are subtle yet substantial additions you are certain to appreciate once you see them in action.

  • Passenger Seat Belt Reminder
  • Steering Responsive Headlights
  • Rear Seat Reminder System

How Do the Steering Responsive Headlights Work?

How many times have you been driving at night, turned a corner, and ended up surprised by an animal or person standing on the corner, darting out in front of you? Maybe you've hit a hidden pothole that crept up on you in the dark. It can be difficult to see what lies in the dusk as you make your turns. The Subaru Outback is looking to change that with steering responsive LED headlights. Now, every time you take a turn, your headlights will turn with you. The headlights follow the lead of the steering wheel and lead the way. This way, you get a good view of any potential dangers that may be lurking in the shadows.

What is the Rear Seat Reminder System

For new parents, the prospect of leaving your baby in a hot car can be frightening. No one does it on purpose. We are all human. The Subaru Outback wants to limit the possibility of you forgetting about your little one with the inclusion of the Rear Seat Reminder System. This is how it works: If a rear door is opened within 30 minutes before the Outback is started, it will think there is something important in the back seat. It could be a child, a pet, or even groceries. When you turn off your Outback, it will alert you with a chime, to open the back door and grab what was left inside.

Your safety is something that shouldn't be on the top of your mind when you are driving around Charlottesville. You have enough to worry about. That is why the Subaru Outback added these new elements to help put you at ease. Visit Umansky Subaru of Charlottesville to test these features out for yourself.

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