Credit Challenged Customers in Charlottesville

We Help Those with Credit Challenges Secure Financing for Their Next Vehicle

At Umansky Subaru of Charlottesville, we believe that everyone should have a chance own a vehicle. For some, credit challenges stand in the way, but at our dealership, we put that aside and do all we can to give those with bad credit the chance to buy a vehicle. If you're in Charlottesville as well the surrounding areas of Ruckersville, Earlysville and Crozet you're invited in to our dealership and we can find you the right vehicle and assist all bad credit shoppers.

Learn How You Can Finance Even with Bad Credit

Our team would be happy to work with you and provide details on all the credit choices that are available to you can make an informed choice and also start to rebuild your credit. If you have any questions, contact us today so we can help you!

How Your Credit Score Can Impact Your Purchase, and Why We Work with You

A few late payments, college loans, other debts, divorce, bankruptcy, or simply not having any credit due to age and other factors, your credit score can go up and down based on a number of things. We all should strive to be able to pay down loans and our monthly bills, but we realize financial hardship comes in different forms, and just because you've had some bad finances in the past shouldn't stop you from being able to get a vehicle. After all, many of us need a car to get to work or school, to run errands, and to make a living. We understand this, and it's why we make sure to provide you with auto loan solutions if you have challenged credit.

When you shop with us at Umansky Subaru of Charlottesville, we'll help you with financing and identify payment plans that work in your budget and highlight vehicles that make sense based on your budget and credit situation, so you can get behind the wheel of an affordable option and make the payments. Being able to make monthly car payments on your vehicle can help restore or demonstrate you have good standing with credit institutions, and put you back on track while also making sure you won't miss work, class, picking up the kids, going to the store, and more.

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There are some new Subaru options that we can discuss, as you will have some leasing options, but for the most part, we tend to recommend checking out pre-owned vehicles for those looking to restore credit or who have credit challenges. This lineup gives you a wider range of options in terms of price as well as body style as we have multiple sedans and SUVs in our used lineup. It includes many different brands as well, as you can find Subaru along with lots of other options here too.

We'll let you have a hands-on experience to see which one of our used options is right for you in the form of a test drive, and if you agree we'll get to work and discuss the financing options you have, and work to create a plan that can work for you, even with credit challenges.

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