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After the keys are in your hands, and your journeying in your Subaru begins, there are other components to think about, one being regular maintenance. With right parts service and experience, our Charlottesville Service Center can be where you bring your Subaru car or SUV when it needs a service or repair. From getting your Subaru Crosstrek the service it needs to keep running pristinely to servicing your Subaru Outback, we want to keep your Subaru model working great.

Services at Our Service Center

There are many routine services that your Subaru may need as the mileage accrues, and you can get your vehicle serviced here. Whether the service involves examining the tires and getting new ones, or replacing the oil filter or performing an alignment, you will find the quality service you're confident in at our Service Center. Here are some of the common items you may visit us for, and some answers to questions that you may have that can be helpful along your ownership venture.

Oil Changes

When you see oil and filter changes on your car maintenance schedule, are you wondering why you need to get them done routinely? There are many essential functions that the motor oil does for your car, and getting your oil changed near Earlysville can be one of the items on your service to-do list. Here is insight into the importance of oil changes.

Why does my car need an oil change?

Though oil change intervals can vary depending on driving style and the type of vehicle you drive, regular oil changes do get recommended, but why? For the engine in your vehicle to operate efficiently and run effortlessly, oil changes regularly can be beneficial. The oil helps to initiate the smooth moving of the engine parts because of the lubrication that it provides. With how quick the parts function, a build-up of heat can occur, but the oil helps to cool the engine down and assist in the prevention of overheating.


You may think of the brakes as an essential component to helping with the security of your car and facilitating your vehicle to come to a stop. That is true, and there are different services to do routinely to inspect the brakes and see if they are working properly.

What can I expect for a brake inspection?

There are various different components to brakes, and a thorough examination means inspecting all kinds of parts. To prevent extensive damage and a costly repair, getting routine checks of the brake pads, the calipers, and numerous other elements like the rotors and cylinders, as well as looking at the brake fluid level, can help you see how your car's brakes are doing.


We offer a range of tire services at Umansky Subaru of Charlottesville from tire rotations to alignments. From routine alignments that can help with the smooth handling of your car to tire rotations that can assist in the tires wearing evenly, tire service can be critical. In addition to these, we are also where you can get new tires for your Subaru in Charlottesville.

When do I need new tires?

Different signs can lead you to get new tires for your car. For one, you may notice that your car's tires pressure is low. If you see that a tire has a bulge or object stuck in it, it is a good idea to get your car into the Service Center. The tread is another key item to look at on your car's tires, where yes, there is typical wear and tear that occurs from the constant interaction with the road, but once the tread gets too low, it could make the tires not perform as optimally as they should.

Of course, there are the changing seasons that can be a perfect time to transform to different tires, too. During the winter months, you may want to opt for winter tires for your car that get designed to operate well in cold temperatures and offer heightened traction. For the summer, there are summer tires that can be ideal, or you may want to look into all-season tires that can be a sought-after choice for various seasons.

If you think your Subaru needs new tires near Crozet, you can shop for tires at Umansky Subaru of Charlottesville today. Or, feel free to get the advice of the professionals at the Service Center.

Scheduling Can Be Easy When You Can Do It Online!

If you want to observe the services we offer at Umansky Subaru of Charlottesville, the next step is making an appointment to come and see us. A moment in your busy week can be hard to find, but the online scheduling tool can make booking an appointment convenient. You can be an initial visitor to the Service Center or returning for another service; you can plan a visit online easily.

Remember to Browse Our Charlottesville Service Specials

You may be ready to visit for our expert service, but we also are proud of the service specials we offer. We encourage you to look at the offers that can help you with savings when you come to experience the Service Center. Maintaining your car is a commitment, just as buying or leasing a vehicle is. Look for offers and savings today.

You can find the affordable service and quality care combination for your Subaru that you're looking for at Umansky Subaru of Charlottesville!

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